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1. Log out from grammarly account in your browser and grammarly app. Clean cookies from grammarly site if possible (not mandatory).

2. Open this invitation link in a new incognito window: http://gram.ly/C8js

3. Grammarly new registration page will open. register with your gmail or any other email account.

TIP for gmail users.
You can use the same gmail account for several registration.
How? Just put a dot (.) in your gmail address.
Example: abcdefg@gmail.com, ab.cdefg@gmail.com, a.b.cdefg@gmail.com, ab.c.d.e.fg@gmail.com, ab.c.defg@gmail.com, a.bcde.fg@gmail.com etc all are same. Whatever the address someone used to send you an email – your original mail account (abcdefg@gmail.com) will receive it. All the dot (.) separated maill addresses are same and redirect to the original one. Gmail designed that way. Thus you can use same gmail address for same trial – hundred times  🙂

4. Use the newly opened grammarly account to log in your browser (Firefox/chrome/safari), Install the official grammarly addon/extension. This step is most important. 

5. You’ll get one week premium account with plagiarism check and advanced grammar check FOR FREE.

6. Use the same link (http://gram.ly/C8js) with different email address or same dot separated gmail address  to open another new grammarly account. Repeat all the steps. You’ll get one more free premium week on that account. You can do it as long as you want.


This trick is valid for any time of the year, so don’t worry about inactivation of my invitation link  (http://gram.ly/C8js).
NOTICE: This blog post is for educational purpose only. I’m not liable for your action.